Executive Coaching & Executive Advisory

Individual 1-to-1 Coaching leveraged by the Coaching Academy.

Alongside our clients we define objectives, main challenges, constraints and opportunities. Regular face to face meetings, with total confidentiality, establish a trustful and effective rapport. Through empathy, reformulation, parallel thinking and experience sharing, we act on the side as a neutral advisor and out of the chain of command. Taking advantage of our in-depth © CoachWare Toolkit and using the © PalmWare temperament test, we aim for quick wins.

Career Transition Coaching

This service is ideal for the executive who has lost his position or his job and may feel distressed and worried by the perspective of finding a new job. We help executives going through this crisis positively and effectively. Unlike an outplacement, which could take longer and cost much more, we suggest our five phases “flash” coaching program.

The 100-Day Coaching Plan

Any executive moving to a new position or simply joining a new firm will be facing the classical 100-day challenge. To assist the executive in his/her new role, we suggest a five-stage plan. Each of these 5 phases is planned carefully with selected objectives to achieve and milestones to meet. Additionally, the executive receives a “road book” from Eagle Performance giving him the opportunity to record every event and situation to be discussed with us.

© PalmWare Temperament Test

Unlike other profiling tests, © PalmWare gives essential information on innate temperaments and predispositions. Having greater awareness of our deeper nature and innate temperament enables us to work with rather than against it. © PalmWare is the ideal tool for anyone who is at a turning point in his career, who has been promoted or expects to be promoted, is questioning his ability to perform in his current position, wants to know more about their natural predispositions or is just looking for some sort of orientation.

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