Team Performance

Team & Individual Assessment

Team leaders need to develop or maintain performance at every level of their organisation. They often have to build new teams. In this process it is important to apply best practice tools, firstly in the assessment phase and then in the setting of achievable milestones, to create the basis for high performance. Very few executives have a clear picture of the state of their teams and by leveraging our © CoachWare Toolkit we give them advice on what, why and how to do it.

Team & Individual Behaviour Diagnostic

Focusing on the “being” more than on the “doing” we raise performance, by helping executives and their teams to assess behaviours, attitudes in specific situations, codes of conduct, and values. We help them read multicultural signals, manage peers’ perception and adopt an appropriate approach to diversity.

Team Building

Over the last 10 years, we have been organising many creative team building seminars for various group sizes. Having worked with more than 1000 persons rowing or pulling on their dragon boats, hundreds orienteering and hiking, hundreds constructing with wood or simply painting, we have crafted a catalogue of great activities that work and deliver above expectation.
We operate everywhere in the world and collaborate with internal event teams or outside incentive firms.

“Canadian Dog Sledging Expedition”
Small groups of up to 5 executives review their individual quest in life and their management profile and approach through a unique, unforgettable and eco-friendly experience.

Team Seminars & Team Kick-off Facilitation

When a large organisation decides to bring its entire staff to an offsite, it often struggles to design the agenda and activities. We assist organisations from start to finish by creating bespoke programmes.
We provide workshops and ice breaking facilitation, as well as keynotes delivery on various topics.

DreamWare ® Board Game

A unique board game for the boardroom. DreamWare ® is a win-win team game, where participants explore their individual quest through a collective discovery process quest. The game invites participants to reflect or answer questions publicly and receive feedback from other participants and a coach. The game helps participants to identify and align with a collective vision, a collective goal and collective values.
DreamWare ® is great for new teams in formation or existing teams in comfort zone. The game is not confrontational and respects individual privacy. DreamWare ® is well suited for tuning a team and leveraging temperaments.

Partnership Coaching

When a partnership is needed, relationships evolve into specific vehicles such as PPP, PFI or framework agreement. In all these structures, the relationship of the various members is critical for the success of the transaction.
An external facilitator interviewing the participants along the formation of the structure may be necessary to avoid obvious mistakes. The external mediator can also assist the life cycle of the project, tackle conflicts or frustrations that could reduce overall performance.

Framework Agreement, PFI or PPP Advisory

In complex transactions where more than one team need to be involved, alignment around common objectives, sets of priorities, values and the day-to-day life quickly need to be tackled. Or the contract may well look different from the one described originally.
Having helped in forming virtual teams, blending cultures, styles, personal and collective agendas, we assist in building a common scope of behaviour through seminars with accountable people from all teams.
Being neutral, out of the chain of command helps a lot in this mediation-advisory.

Pitch Clinic

Pitching is an art and a science. To give yourself and your team the very best change of delivering a winning pitch, methodology and preparation are the two most critical success factors. Our Pitch Clinic module follows a simple and efficient 6 step cycle to train you on how to build, rehearse and deliver a pitch. Through a mix of shared experiences, practical tips and role playing, you will learn how to collect vital information, build and tell a memorable story, maximize your personal impact and team act.