We cannot emphasize enough that it’s easier to motivate an organization when the program’s benefits are identified, explained and owned by the workforce.

That’s why the first step in developing a trusted relationship with our clients is to spend time defining the need, problem or opportunity they face along with the associated desired business outcomes. We then track and assess progress and re-orientate actions through the course of our missions. And at completion, we revisit our initial agreement to ensure all expectations have been achieved.

Whatever the format of our engagement, Eagle Performance strives to deliver tangible business benefits and outcomes for our clients around four dimensions.

For your management
  • An inspired management.
  • A clear vision, a simple mission, a focused set of objectives.
  • A committed management team.
  • A coherent governance.
  • A higher trust, energy and impact level.
  • A meaningful dashboard with effective indicators.
  • Your priorities managed and your time optimized.
For your staff
  • A happy work force.
  • More common sense, higher energy level.
  • Trust, confidence and self-motivation feeling.
  • A reduced stress level.
  • A feel good factor.
  • A lower staff turnover.
For your sales strategy
  • A dynamic sales methodology.
  • A proper sales process management.
  • An inspirational sales pitch.
  • A well-oiled team approach towards the client.
  • A team equipped with a guaranteed unique selling proposition.
For your clients
  • An added value proposition.
  • A set of differentiating factors.
  • A solid relationship foundation.
  • A coherent service level agreement culture.
  • A dedicated and positive partnership culture.
Testimonials & Quotes

“Christian offers two sought-after qualities when it comes to working with a real advisor, not just another consultant : (a) his vast executive experience makes him dive quickly into complex business models and cultures in a very pragmatic and convincing way, whilst having the same impact on both line managers and senior executives (b) he never makes you waste your time or your money. If you might feel he is expensive, actuallyhe is really worth it”

Laurent Choain, Chief People Officer, Mazars (Paris)

“Working with Christian has had a significant impact on me and on the team as well. Christian was able to help me getting more confidence and maturity to lead a new business and grow our revenues. Through very straight forward advises and management tips brought by Christian, we were able to adjust the organisation, detect and empower new talents, and positively energise significantly the teams.”

Philippe Ruault, Global head of Products Clearing, Settlement, Custody, Trade and Market Services BNPP BP2S (London)

“I would definitely recommend meeting Christian and working with him, he is a very sharp individual, asking all the important questions that you do not have the time to answer when immerged into the day to day business, he gives you the opportunity to head up, see the business from a greater perspective and offers clear and precise advise. Thank you Eagle Performance !”

Charles Peugeot Citroen UK Sales Director (London)

“I was lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time, to have a very rapid progression of my activity. It allowed me to get quick access to managerial positions at BNP Paribas. However after some time and in spite of a strong activity, I found myself gradually confronted to a kind of weariness and lack of challenges resulting from inertia of my working environment. During that period, Christian was of great help. With a good complicity, hard work and regular meetings (face-to-face or in the presence of my team), Christian allowed me to reinvent myself, to find new growth drivers and to manage skillfully the personal development of individuals in my team. Christian is always right in his words, perceptions, analysis... I would not be where I am today without having had his moral and technical support in managing people and my own career. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Christian again and soon to get my entourage benefit from the other human services provided by Eagle Performance.”

Vincent Caris, Head of Solutions & Structuring BNPP Latin America, Sao Paulo, Brasil

“Mazars started to ask Christian to run a 3 day Integration Programme for new partners a couple of years ago...Two years later, Christian delivers the main Business Development Programmes for Partners in different global business units of the partnership internationally ! His drive, energy, enthusiasm are just amazing and totally infectuous and he walks the talk in the areas he covers : coaching, client relationship and business development. Christian contributes to change the culture of Mazars which becomes much more client-oriented and through his transverse approach develops international and top of the art best practices.”

Hélène Freiszmuth, Head of Mazars University (Paris)

“I met Christian through a professional friend of mine and he suggested that we might collaborate. I believe he has a sharp and agile mind, and is highly experienced in top management issues and complex business situations with an international dimension. Christian adds his sense of humor and his collaboration is easy, pragmatic and effective”

Lady Barbara Judge (London)

“Key elements in successful leadership of innovation include developing a clear strategic vision and communicating it, It is all about human creativity and synergy. As the Head of the International Division and Executive Director of Institut Pasteur international Network, I understand the importance of innovation. But making it happen requires a systematic, hands-on approach that Christian Malissard brought to me. Using the clear guidelines and great advices of Christian and his team, I developed the skills I need to become the architect of change within Pasteur international network. Christian has a very strong ability to understand and manage complex situations. I can only endorse to work together with Christian and his excellent expertise and good sense for various activities. He fully respected our history, culture and values.”

Docteur Jerome Salomon (MD, MPH, PHD), Executive Director "International Network" Institut Pasteur (Paris)

“Working with Christian has proven highly beneficial to my global business. High level of energy has allowed to challenge existing work habits and confront the business with : what should we start doing, stop doing and continue doing”

Francois Boisson, European head of FX sales to institutional clients, BNPP CIB (London)

“Christian became my mentor for 9 months under the EY (Ernst & Young) mentoring programme. He helped me to develop my business strategy and ability to pitch to different audiences. His invaluable support gave me the tools to secure financial investment and new clients. He was thorough, patient and committed to taking me on this mentoring journey. I am more confident when I pitch and I have a clearer strategic plan. I am very grateful for his support and I look forward to exploring opportunities to work with him in the future.?”

from Katrina Estien, MD 'Seed for Greatness', London