Our Approach action plan
Our DNA grow business
elevate people
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Testimonials & Quotes

“Christian offers two sought-after qualities when it comes to working with a real advisor, not just another consultant : (a) his vast executive experience makes him dive quickly...”

Laurent Choain, Chief People Officer, Mazars (Paris)

“Working with Christian has had a significant impact on me and on the team as well. Christian was able to help me getting more confidence and maturity to lead a new business and...”

Philippe Ruault, Global head of Products Clearing, Settlement, Custody, Trade and Market Services BNPP BP2S (London)

“I would definitely recommend meeting Christian and working with him, he is a very sharp individual, asking all the important questions that you do not have the time to answer...”

Charles Peugeot Citroen UK Sales Director (London)

“I was lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time, to have a very rapid progression of my activity. It allowed me to get quick access to managerial positions at BNP...”

Vincent Caris, Head of Solutions & Structuring BNPP Latin America, Sao Paulo, Brasil

“Mazars started to ask Christian to run a 3 day Integration Programme for new partners a couple of years ago...Two years later, Christian delivers the main Business Development...”

Hélène Freiszmuth, Head of Mazars University (Paris)

“I met Christian through a professional friend of mine and he suggested that we might collaborate. I believe he has a sharp and agile mind, and is highly experienced in top...”

Lady Barbara Judge (London)

“Key elements in successful leadership of innovation include developing a clear strategic vision and communicating it, It is all about human creativity and synergy. As the Head...”

Docteur Jerome Salomon (MD, MPH, PHD), Executive Director "International Network" Institut Pasteur (Paris)

“Working with Christian has proven highly beneficial to my global business. High level of energy has allowed to challenge existing work habits and confront the business with :...”

Francois Boisson, European head of FX sales to institutional clients, BNPP CIB (London)

“Christian became my mentor for 9 months under the EY (Ernst & Young) mentoring programme. He helped me to develop my business strategy and ability to pitch to different...”

from Katrina Estien, MD 'Seed for Greatness', London

Our Approach action plan
Our DNA grow business
elevate people
connect them
The Team offers a holistic

Our approach

When was the last time you implemented something radically different after a team workshop or an individual mentoring session? And if you did, has anyone come to you with an action plan follow-up?

Eagle Performance is all about lasting changes in attitudes and behaviour.

We cater for immediate impact but we know that fundamental change comes with coaching and mentoring over a period of time. Without dynamic follow-up programs, the day-to-day business life of the workforce takes the lead on the training and coaching good resolutions. What was identified as a weakness remains a weakness and the value of the education vanishes.

Eagle Performance success is driven by considered and tailored programs with short, medium and long term desired outcomes in mind to ensure full benefits. Our programs are crafted in genuine partnership between Eagle Performance consultants and our clients. We believe that this partnership model is helping us addressing specific business needs that can be leveraged across the whole organisation.

That way, we deliver value around any business and management challenges.


We grow business. We elevate people. We connect them.
Performance is not an abstract concept. It’s in our DNA. We set the bar high for our clients and for ourselves.

But our true uniqueness is in our style.
Our straight-forward, intense, enthusiastic and results-driven approach has made us popular with leaders, managers and business owners. Clients describe us as motivational, inspirational and relevant. They appreciate our bold statements and thought provoking questions. We are not afraid to challenge them out of their comfort zone to get to better solutions. Importantly we always emit positive energy and inject our sense of humour when needed.

“The driving force behind Eagle Performance is Christian G. Malissard. He has the nature of a volcano. But certainly not the sleeping ones. He has ebullition of ideas and sound advice every other minute. He has a deep reservoir of positive and contagious energy. People think and act differently as a result of his intervention”, best summarises a loyal client.

Christian's passion for outdoor adventures and expeditions has generated many expertises, skills and observations that most of his clients love to hear. Christian has produced a suite of movies ready to be presented to audiences and followed by practical masterclasses

This is our very DNA that led us in 2005 to being invited by BFM, the French economical and financial radio network to design, facilitate and coach the 'BFM Business Academy'. Each week two selected business leaders were invited to pitch in front of Christian who then coached them 'live' on the air. This programme was nominated as the 'best 2008 business radio program'.

Christian G.

Executive Advisor and
Business Consultant

Christian brings a very rare blend of over 20 years of top management experience in the corporate world and over 20 years of counselling experience in business growth, sales and marketing performance. Christian is a highly sought after CEO advisor, management consultant, sales team trainer and keynote speaker. He also serves on boards of directors as well as in interim senior management positions.

Every year, Christian plans iconic dog-sledding, motorbike or trekking expeditions internationally. He is also an active volunteer in building business and communication skills with “teenagers in trouble” in West London and seats on the board of trustees of Education Academy as a governor. Christian holds dual nationalities (French & British)

Christian built his reputation with his one to one sessions with executives where his business acumen has proven to ease organisation transformation and encourage management excellence. His engaging communication style, his ability to face realities, to understand various industry issues, to master sales strategies and to challenge governance status quo has also made him a favourite of training sessions for sales teams and business leaders.

Christian also loves to facilitate board meetings, to energise teams, to review action plans and to stimulate leadership.

The only thing we build is trust!

More and more strategic projects are operated by complex SPV or multiple partnership. Eagle Performance is regularly invited to play the paramount role of Chief Trust officer to help the virtual team of the SPV or JV to act efficiently. This a mixed role of facilitator, energy defuser, solution anticipator, story teller and positive mood generator.

Chief Trust Officer function

  • Building trust amongst all Stake holders involved
  • Establishing a common statement of intent for all parties
  • Encouraging truthful communications between stake holders and team members
  • Building, improving and maintaining key stakeholder relationships
  • Supporting (and policing) behaviours on which commitment should be made in the statements of intent
  • Coaching and supporting smarter togetherness
  • Improving communication: act as a trusted ‘envoy’ between parties
  • Generating positive energy particularly in stressful times: contribute to maintaining a high level of positive energy amongst parties
  • Acting as external advisor and sounding board to your Project Director