Management Development & Training

Leadership Identification & Stimulation

Through group conversation leveraging our © CoachWare Toolkit we help individuals and teams to assess and re-discover the power of leadership and the magic of creativity. We help people to be more creative in meetings, in workshops or simply in their daily work life.

Staff & Self Motivation – People Skills Principles

Through conversation leveraging our © CoachWare Toolkit, we help individuals and groups to understand the mechanism of motivation. We help people express what make them feel valued, what is fulfilling in their life and how to maintain a high level of energy. We also revisit the basis of people’s relationship and the pillars of building rapport with colleagues, management, staff and clients.

Presentation & Communication Skills

Knowing how critical to the success of a pitch or a presentation is the way we deliver it, it is easy to improve the hit ratio and the impact of public speaking by leveraging tips, advice and best practice from our © CoachWare Toolkit. We help executives to rehearse, position their voice, work on their body language, and build confidence on their ability to speak in public. We revisit the basis of communication with audio-visual help.

Time Management

Most executives agree that time and priorities management is difficult. We help them address these challenges by leveraging tips, advice and best practice from our © CoachWare Toolkit. One saved hour a day represents as many as 24 days a year we can spend doing things.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Being a neutral person outside of the organisation facilitates resolution of issues and minimises conflict impact. Helping people involved to read causes and roots and not just the consequences of problematic situations creates not only the basis for resolution of current issues but also ensures avoiding similar issues in the future.

Neutrality is paramount, especially in the case of persistent conflicts and the need for intervention and mediation between interested parties.