Motivational Speakers for Corporate Events

We deliver bespoke business speeches and standard keynote speeches for client’s seminars, conferences and after dinner. Both in English and French.

Any subject featured in our © CoachWare Toolkit is available for a short 15-minute delivery up to a 2-hour conference.


International Speaker Profile

Mr. Christian G Malissard has 30 years of extensive experience in the industry. He is currently the CEO of Eagle Performance Ltd, a UK based Executive Advisory and Leadership development company. In addition, he has coached entrepreneurs on an award-winning weekly radio show for BFM, the French economical and financial radio network. He has addressed b-school participants before at Cambridge, HEC MBA Program and at the Paris Officer Military School.

Christian-Georges is quintessentially French: but lurking beneath his slight Gallic accent and Parisian exterior is a pure bred Englishman struggling to get out! The best attributes of both nations combine in him to form a most effective and highly trained modern international businessman. His schooling was in the favoured scientific stream for BAC, followed by two years preparation for the Grandes Ecoles, and a further three years before graduation as an engineer.

“I realised that I was better at marketing and selling, but I was delighted with my professional training as it enabled me profit by my in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the world of High Tec really works.” He then got his finance MBA from the French well-respected Sorbonne University. He spent more than 17 years in various international and senior successful positions within blue chip firms.

The key topics covered by his keynote presentations include:

  • How to communicate with impact
  • How to improve your presentations and selling skills
  • How to build winning customer relationships
  • How to network effectively
  • How to boost team morale and motivation
  • How to champion leadership excellence
  • How to improve your time management skills
  • How to think and act differently
  • How to close the gap from potential to performance
  • How to use innate temperaments to create team harmony and personal growth
  • How to improve time management by saving 24 days a year
  • How animals behaviour help understand the corporate world
  • The top 10 advices from Christian to a successful entrepreneur
  • What will historian have to say in a 100 years about our corporate governance