Testimonials & Quotes

“Christian offers two sought-after qualities when it comes to working with a real advisor, not just another consultant : (a) his vast executive experience makes him dive quickly...”

Laurent Choain, Chief People Officer, Mazars (Paris)

“Working with Christian has had a significant impact on me and on the team as well. Christian was able to help me getting more confidence and maturity to lead a new business and...”

Philippe Ruault, Global head of Products Clearing, Settlement, Custody, Trade and Market Services BNPP BP2S (London)

“I would definitely recommend meeting Christian and working with him, he is a very sharp individual, asking all the important questions that you do not have the time to answer...”

Charles Peugeot Citroen UK Sales Director (London)

“I was lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time, to have a very rapid progression of my activity. It allowed me to get quick access to managerial positions at BNP...”

Vincent Caris, Head of Solutions & Structuring BNPP Latin America, Sao Paulo, Brasil

“Mazars started to ask Christian to run a 3 day Integration Programme for new partners a couple of years ago...Two years later, Christian delivers the main Business Development...”

Hélène Freiszmuth, Head of Mazars University (Paris)

“I met Christian through a professional friend of mine and he suggested that we might collaborate. I believe he has a sharp and agile mind, and is highly experienced in top...”

Lady Barbara Judge (London)

“Key elements in successful leadership of innovation include developing a clear strategic vision and communicating it, It is all about human creativity and synergy. As the Head...”

Docteur Jerome Salomon (MD, MPH, PHD), Executive Director "International Network" Institut Pasteur (Paris)

“Working with Christian has proven highly beneficial to my global business. High level of energy has allowed to challenge existing work habits and confront the business with :...”

Francois Boisson, European head of FX sales to institutional clients, BNPP CIB (London)

“Christian became my mentor for 9 months under the EY (Ernst & Young) mentoring programme. He helped me to develop my business strategy and ability to pitch to different...”

from Katrina Estien, MD 'Seed for Greatness', London

Strengthening your human capital assets

Eagle Performance - Web TV

Most management teams in most companies are constanlty trying to find ways to improve performance in all aspects of their business.
They don't always know what to do and where to find great ideas. Through my daily 1to1 board member advisory, executive coaching, management training and team performance enhancing consultations, I keep meeting Executives who have achieved great things to raise performance in their business.
So I have interviewed them to share their stories with you in an easy to follow video format.

Take a 3 minute break from time to time to view and listen to some of these interviews. You might find some inspiration here!

Eagle Performance

About our Company and our offer : Christian-G Malissard - CEO

The Company

Duration : 4:09

100 day clinic : Get your best plan ever on a new job

Duration : 2:08

Management clinic : Few tips to move from good to great

Duration : 2:35

Pitch clinic : Reaching your audience's attention and interest

Duration : 3:05

Management road assistance : Imagine you could call some one 24 x 7!'

Duration : 1:17

Client clinic : You will be really adding value to clients!

Duration : 1:30

Leadership clinic : Are you born leader?

Duration : 2:52

Exco treck clinic : Transforming corporate executives into business pioneers

Duration : 2:02

Image clinic : When YOU become the product and the brand

Duration : 1:37

Motivational clinic : Why motivating people makes a real difference to your business

Duration : 1:26

Off site clinic : How to make an unforgettable event for your people

Duration : 1:48

Product development clinic : Even product specialists will be client focussed

Duration : 1:03